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On this page you have the chance to ask kitty any question you want as long as it doesnt involve nasty/racial or anything else that runs in those categories, so just e mail kitty's questions at her mailbox  and come back here and check out the bottom for your answers!

Ask Kitty


Question: Hi Kitty! I was wondering if you like Lance or Kurt more -Christina
Hello Christina, Hmm..Well I Like Kurt, But Only as a Friend, He's more of a Brother to me than a Boyfriend and as for Lance right now its just puppy love but who knows it could come out to be more than just that.
Dear Kitty,
 Do you think that you & Rogue could ever get to be like best friends?
hiya Aj! thanks for writing! me and Rogue best friends? like thats a totally tough question since rogue is hard to get close to and  she just found out that Risty was indeed Mystique..I would like totally love to try maybe we could, we'll have to see!
Question :
Kitty I was wondering does anybody like rogue? -CutieGirl0102
Like Yea Totally people like Rogue even though she has this kinda nasty icky side we all still like her and watch out for her, like she does for us. If you mean in love wise whoa i have noooooooo clue!

Question :               
Dear Kitty,
Is it hard for you to move away from your parent's and to the Institute?
Like yea totally it is I mean sometimes i really miss my parents and all, I still send them letters all the time over my lap top but i guess the institute makes up for it i mean like they are all like my family  ~Kitty
Hey kitty,
why do u say 'like" so much?
Like I don't say like that much do I? i mean like..well cause of where i grew up, never the less I don't think i say like that much! ~Kitty
Dear Kitty,
    Do you like Lance as in boyfriend? Would you kiss him given the chance?
Well i was like sorta thinking that awhile ago but then like he totally made me really mad so im not like totally to sure now i mean like how could he?! grr i dont even want to like think about it! as for the Kiss i'll never tell  =P ~Kitty
Dear Kitty,
I am a big Rogue fan.Could you give some cool facts about her? -Radikv
Sure can, but like im not totally sure what you want to hear....or  like what version of rogue you know x men evolution,marvel but i'll just throw in like anything. Okay did you know that Rogue's eyes were originally blue?,and like She almost died once,she likes to hang out at the music warehouse,she likes fresh baked cookies, and she even gets married to gambit. you should like check this site that i found for you thanks for like writing =)
Dear Kitty,
Is Wolverine mean to you?
Mean? naw like hes just a totally softie once ya get to know him, i mean like sure sometimes he can be a little mean and he does call me Half Pint..Which im not! but other than that hes pretty cool except for his training sessions...those like so totally Suck!!! ~ kitty

Hey, Kitty, what types of music and bands do you like to listen to? Since you used to live around Chicago, did you ever hear of a band called Spoon?
       Heather                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Hi Heather, Like thanks for writing! the types of music i listen to are well like pop and all the diva's like cher and mariah carey, but like i've never heard of the band the spoon before but i will definetly like look it up now. ~Kitty                                                         

In some fanfics I've read there's Kitty/Pietro. Do you think that will ever work out? In the fanfics you two were a cute and good  couple                                                                          -Marialena M.
                          Like people have wrote fanfics about me and pietro?! *Blushes* thats like sooooooooo freaky! I definetly don't think we'll ever work out hes the kinda guy who likes to move fast if ya know what i mean even though he is like, kinda cute....  ~Kitty

Dear Kitty
  What is it like to walk through walls?   Rachel                                                                              Wow, like No ones asked me that before, hehe, well its a very weird let me try to explain it better, have you ever been on a ride thats spinned you around and you got that tickelish feeling in your stomach? not the feeling like your going to throw up, but thats how it feels, its like so helpful for when im running late, or when someones trying to get me. ~Kitty

Dear kitty,
you know i am a fan of yours, Ii hav a question, if kurt wasn't blue and furry, would you like him?
                             -maby                                              Like if Kurt wasnt blue and furry, well then he just wouldent like be kurt, I  love kurt alot, like family, and well even if he did lose the fur i would still consider him family all we will ever  stay as is friends ~Kitty