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Kitty Pryde


Name: Katherine (Kitty) Pryde
Team: The X-men
Codename: Shadowcat
Age: 16
Height: 5'4                                                                                                              Weight: 105 lbs    Grade:11th                                                                                                          Mutant Power: Corporal Intangibility
Location before Institute: Northbrook, Illnois
Family: Father and Mother
Voiced By: Maggie Blue O'Hara
Classes: Computer Science, Honors English, Honors Social Studies, Astro-physics, Gym with the other X-men and Trigonomety with Scott and Jean  (May have changed with new season)
Hobbies: Dance, Trombone, In-line Skating, Cooking (she's bad at it), Shopping, Russian Club and Yoga
Favourite Music: Country and all the Divas (Cher, Celine, Mariah etc) Favourite Food: Ice Cream, Pizza and Salad (Kitty is a Vegetarian)

Kitty is the youngest and perkiest X-men on the team and also like a total Valley Girl. She can cancel out the space between the atoms of an object, in doing so she has the abiliy to phase (slide) through solid matter but when she phases through a machine she is also able to stop its internal mechanisms. Kitty's other abilities include walking on air and phasing other people with her through solid objects.

One night Kitty dreamt that she was flying but the next thing she knew she was falling through the air, when Kitty woke up she was freaked to find herself in the basement of her house. The next day her parents pretended that everything was fine and that nothing happened the night before. Kitty thought that her powers were a curse so she tried to deny them but at school she met Lance (a guy who also has Mutant Powers), he convinced her that he can teach her how to control her powers and used her to steal answers to the Midterms. In the end Kitty realized that the X-men were there to help so she decided to go to the Institute.

Kitty is really smart (takes Trigonometry with Scott and Jean, shes the youngest in the class but also out classes everyone), perky, friendly to all but an awful cook.

On the Blackbird, when they were going to recruit Rogue Kitty said that Scott was like so together, so cool and he's kinda cute .... nothing else really happened between these two afterwards so I think they have more like a sister brother friendship rather that a love relationship.

Lance has a sort of friendship with Kitty even though ones with the X-men and the other is with the Brotherhood. They become friends when they bond over stink bombs in Biology class, this soon leads to late night phone calls and to the Saydee Hawkens Dance. Lance has a huge crush on Kitty (he even tried to join the X-men to be close to her) but I'm not really sure if Kitty feels the same way about him.

Kurt kinda had a crush on Kitty in the first and second seasons but she was so freaked out by his apperence the first time they met that no matter how hard he tries to impress her nothing works. After Kurt woke up after his powers were absored by Rogue they have a cute lil' conversation .... Kurt: Looks like I missed quite a party .... Kitty: Kurt you're alright (he gets weak and falls, Kitty catches him) Easy Fuzzy Elf, everything is gonna be just fine.

Kitty is a good girl, she aces all her tests and has perfect grades (a straight A student) but she also knows how to party and have fun. Kitty losens everybody up at the Institute with her perky and friendly personailty. She gets along with everyone really well (even the Brotherhood) and I reckon that the X-men are lucky to have her on their  team.





Dad: Mr Pryde
Mum: Mrs Pryde
Siblings: none
First Appearances: X-Impulse

Mr and Mrs Pryde are kinda over protective of Kitty sometimes, I think its because she's their only child and also still quite young. I reckon Kitty's mum understands her more, like the time in the X-Impulse Kitty pleaded to her Mum to let her go to school and she actually let her go while her Dad was upstairs trying to find her. When Jean and Professor X came to visit them to talk about the Institute Kitty's dad was the one who slammed the door in their face because he wanted to pretend that everything was fine. After Jean told Kitty's parents that Kitty broke into the school's office they went to find her and help her get away from Lance. Kitty's Dad then starts to accept and understand that Kitty is not a normal teen, she has gifted powers that are not a curse but can be used for good. In the end they send Kitty to the Xavier Institute. I also think that Kitty's parents are Jewish because they celebrated Hanukkah in On Angel's Wings



Out of all the X-men (except for Logan, Scott and Jean) Kitty and Professor X has the strongest friendship. Kitty respects Professor X and he looks out for her because she is one of the youngest students at the Institute.

Ororo and Kitty are good friends, Kitty is always there for Ororo (like the time in African Storm) and looks up to her like an aunt because they are so different in age.

Logan always tries to look after Kitty even though he doesn't admit it, he doesn't seem to mind her company and always calls her half-pint. You can see that they have a real bond in Grim Reminder.

Scott is like Kitty's big bro. He watches out for her and Kitty seems to always agree with what he says. They are always seen standing by each other and I think their friendship is really strong.

Jean watches out for Kitty like a little sister, Kitty also looks up to her and I think Jean understands Kitty because they are both girls. They never seem to argue about anything and also have a strong bond.

In Season 1 and 2 Kurt had a huge crush on Kitty but she was so freaked out by his blue fuzzy elf appearance that she didn't even want to go near him. In Rogue Recruits she shows her true feelings for him and throughout the seasons they become really close friends (maybe even best-friends), they also look out for each other a lot.

Rogue is Kitty's room-mate at the Institute. At first they don't seem to get along really well but after awhile you can see they gradually grow a strong bond towards one another and also become close friends.

Evan and Kitty get along quite well together but sometimes it seems that Kitty thinks he is kinda immature but overall I think they are still pretty good friends.

One day Lance and Kitty bond over stink bombs in Biology class, this leads to late night phonecalls and finally making them friends. Lance has this huge crush on Kitty, he's always looking out for her and putting his own life in danger just to save her. I think this is really sweet of Lance and it also makes their friendship even stronger.